How it works

The “Regalo Baglioni” concept is a world first.
Browse our website and choose what tempts you most.
The recipient of the gift can choose their preferred Baglioni Hotels destination.
1. Select and buy the “Regalo Baglioni” gift of your choice.

Purchase the “Regalo Baglioni” from those on offer on our website. Each gift can be used at any of the Baglioni Hotels destinations on offer.

2. We will send your gift to your email address in digital format. If you like, we can also gift-wrap your “Regalo Baglioni” in an elegant Baglioni Hotels package and physically deliver it to you or direct to the recipient.

Once you have purchased the “Regalo Baglioni” it will be sent to your e-mail address in digital format. You can choose to print it out and deliver it personally to the recipient or to send them the email version. You can also opt to have the “Regalo Baglioni” gift physically delivered to you or direct to the recipient gift-wrapped in an elegant Baglioni Hotels package.

3.The recipient books direct with the Baglioni Hotel of their choice.

The digital gift card and the elegant gift box will include a code to be quoted to the Baglioni Hotels at the time of booking. This code is unique, and can only be used once in accordance with the booking procedure described in the “Regalo Baglioni”.

4. The recipient can then travel to their Baglioni Hotels destination to enjoy the unforgettable experience that you have generously given them.

Once you have made the booking, the recipient will receive information on how to travel to the Baglioni Hotels destination and how to take advantage of the free services included in the package. Everything is prepaid, excluding any extras purchased on site during the stay.