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  • 19:02 Ferrari Time – Aperitivo Italiano (x2)

    € 60.00

    Aperitivo Italiano represents this tradition at its finest. Experience it in one of our elegant Caffè Baglioni locations from 19:02. Raise a glass of the world’s favourite Italian bollicine, served with our selection of traditional delicacies.

  • The Italian Afternoon Tea Experience (x2)

    € 90.00

    Make someone’s day with an English tea experience with a dash of Italian style. This refined but relaxed occasion combines a classic English afternoon tea with some traditional Italian favourites in the exclusive, unique setting of the Brunello bar and Restaurant at the Baglioni Hotel London. A delicious slice of luxury to savour at your leisure.

  • The Wine Tasting Experience (x2)

    € 90.00

    Give the gift of the chance to taste the finest Italian and international wines. With this new luxury wine-tasting experience, you can give someone the pleasure of savouring the creations of some highly prestigious winemakers. Designed especially for those who will appreciate a sensory yet cultural experience.

  • The Gourmet Dining Experience (x2)

    € 160.00

    Give someone special an unforgettable flavour-filled experience with a dinner to remember. Pamper their palate with mouth-watering new creations by the Baglioni Hotels chefs or typical Italian dishes in the heart of some of the world’s most beautiful cities. Choose between the “Excellence” or “Unforgettable Italian” menus.

  • The Body SPA & Italian Afternoon Tea Experience (x2)

    € 260.00

    Give the delights of a doubly relaxing experience for the mind, body and taste buds. The pleasure of a traditional English afternoon tea with a touch of Italian style combined with an exclusive body massage adds up to a deeply luxurious way to relax, in typical Baglioni Hotels style.

  • The Facial SPA & Italian Aperitif Experience (x2)

    € 260.00

    Make someone feel special with a two-part gift of double the luxury, with a deliciously sophisticated Italian aperitif and an exclusive customised facial treatment. One gift, double the pleasure – perfect for those seeking a unique, relaxing experience.

  • One-Night Dream (x2)

    € 490.00

    Give the gift of a dreamy one-night stay. Five fabulous hotels to choose from, at the heart of some of the world’s most fascinating cities, offer a chic and unique experience in typical Baglioni Hotels style.

  • One-Night Dream – Top Collection (x2)

    € 740.00

    Give the gift of a dreamy one-night stay at the best time of year. The dream begins before you even go to sleep and only ends the next morning after breakfast. Choose from six marvellous hotels in six exceptional locations aglow with the colours of spring and summer.

  • Two-Night Dream (x2)

    € 880.00

    Give the gift of a dream two-night mini-break. This is the ideal “Regalo Baglioni” for a romantic weekend or midweek getaway but also for anyone longing to explore the best of a city they have always wanted to visit with a friend or relative.

  • Two-Night Dream – Top Collection (x2)

    € 1,330.00

    Give the dream gift of a two-night mini-break during the best season of the year. Relish an unforgettable stay in wonderful places at the perfect time to visit, savour some delicious cuisine, and enjoy an additional enchanting experience, all with the stylish hospitality that only Baglioni Hotels can provide.

  • The Italian Dream Tour (x2)

    € 44,000.00

    Treat someone special to the great Italian Dream Tour, the perfect “Regalo Baglioni” for those who demand the best from life. This six-day tour de force to discover all the beauty of Italy includes two-night stays in three prestigious suites chosen from four magical destinations.