Privacy Policy


In terms and for the purposes of the provisions of Leg. Dec. No. 196/2003 – Code for the protection of personal information, this policy document describes the methods used for, and the purposes of processing the information provided by users of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

It has been drafted in accordance with the requirements of art. 13 of the Privacy Code, as well as those of Recommendation No. 2/2001 (relating to the minimum requirements for gathering information on-line in the European Union, as adopted on 17 May by the CE-Group for the protection of individuals specifically as regards the processing of personal information) and is specifically aimed at anyone visiting the Website.

Unless otherwise indicated, all the provisions of this Privacy Policy apply only to this Website. The Website Administrators and the Authors of the content shall not accept any responsibility for the content of any other third-party websites linked to this Website, either directly or indirectly, via any links from this Website.


The Data Controller is Casaleggio Associati S.r.l

The data will be processed by this company’s employees or by associates that, in any event, work within the context of the company as data control appointees or managers.

The Data Control Manager for the computerised processing of the aforesaid information is:


Simply visiting the Website does not in itself involve the gathering and processing of the visitor’s personal information, except as regards browsing data and cookies, for which we refer the reader to sections 6 and 7 of this Privacy Policy to find out its significance for the purposes of privacy.

The information gathered for subsequent processing is normally limited to the User’s identification and contact details, including his/her name, surname, date and place of birth, tax reference number, residential address, e-mail address and contact telephone number. In the case of companies, it includes the company/trading name and registered address in addition to the aforesaid official and contact details.

Should the information provided by the User include any details pertaining to third parties, the User shall accept full responsibility, on behalf of Casaleggio Associati s.r.l., for obtaining permission from the parties in question for Casaleggio Associati s.r.l. to process the data in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Terms and Conditions of Use.
As regards the purposes for which the data is processed, on the one hand it is used to complete the business transaction requested by the User and the subsequent execution and, on the other hand, to send out any messages regarding the registration of the User and his/her operations on the Website (confirmation of registration, allocation of his/her username and password, etc.) and, subject to explicit agreement by the User, to send out advertising and informational material on products marketed by Casaleggio Associati s.r.l. or Boscolo Hotels Group partner companies.


When registering on the Website, the User is invited to view the Privacy Policy drafted in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Code, and to grant permission for his/her personal details provided at that time to be used for the purposes specified from time to time. The permission in question and the provision of the information defined as such shall be deemed to be mandatory in order to finalise the User’s registration on the Website and to enable him/her to utilise the e-commerce services requested; on the contrary, the granting of permission shall be deemed to be optional with regard to the receipt of advertising and/or informational material relating to the business activities of Casaleggio Associati s.r.l. and/or the Baglioni Hotels Group.


The personal information provided by users shall be processed either by Casaleggio Associati s.r.l., or by some other party specifically commissioned by the latter to do so on its behalf and responsibility, throughout the whole of Italy. Said information shall also be passed on to Baglioni Hotels Group companies that are involved in processing the marketed giftboxes and providing the services contained therein, as well as to any third parties charged with providing services related to the Website’s business activities and the fulfilment of the contractual obligations resulting therefrom.

In particular:

– technology and Internet service providers, such as

– logistics service providers;

– payment system and service providers, such as Banca Sella S.p.A. with Registered Offices situated at No. 1, Piazza Gaudenzio Sella, 13900, Paypal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A, with Registered Offices situated on the 5th Floor, 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449, Luxembourg, who are responsible for archiving said data and processing it (after potential integration of the data, in certain cases, and then the issuing of a special information notification, where required by law) in order to enable the provision of the service delegated to each


During the course of their normal operations, the computer systems and software procedures utilised by the websites acquire certain data, the transmission of which is an essential condition for the utilisation of Internet communication protocols.

What we are dealing with here is information that is not being gathered for the purpose of being linked to the specific individuals involved but that, precisely due to its nature and its processing, association and storage by third parties, may allow the users in question to be identified.

Included in this category are IP addresses or the domain names of the computers utilised by Users to log onto the websites, as well as addresses of the requested resources in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) format, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the response file, the numerical code assigned by the server indicating the status of the response (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the operating system and the User’s IT environment.

This data is not normally disclosed but is only used for the purpose of compiling anonymous statistical information regarding website hits and to check that they are functioning properly, and is stored for the applicable statutory length of time. The information could however be used to determine liability in the event of any computer crime being committed against the Website


A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the computer whenever a user visits a website. The text file saves information that the Website is able to read when there is a return visit by the same user. A number of these cookies are in fact necessary for the proper functioning of the Website whereas others are useful to the user in that they are able to securely save certain details, such as for example the user’s username and language settings. The advantage of having cookies installed on your PC is that there is no need for you to re-enter the same information every time you want to log onto a previously visited website.

Casaleggio Associati s.r.l. uses cookies to provide its users with a browsing experience that is tailored as much as possible around the users’ individual tastes and preferences. Via these cookies, Casaleggio Associati s.r.l. ensures that the user is not obliged to receive or enter the same information every time he/she visits the Website and that the Website performs optimally: in fact, the cookies facilitate browsing and speed up the search for specific items on the Website.


Essential cookies (technical cookies)

These cookies are permanently enabled and are required for the proper operation of the Website’s basic functions. These are user recognition cookies that the Website uses to recognise the user during a single session or, if requested, even on subsequent visits. This type of cookie allows the user to place items into his/her shopping cart, facilitates payments, resolves security related problems and ensures compliance with the current regulatory requirements.


Analytics cookies

It may happen that Casaleggio Associati s.r.l., or service providers operating on the company’s behalf, upload certain analytics cookies to your web browser. The information gathered by these analytics cookies is used exclusively by Casaleggio Associati for its own interests or those of the companies affiliated to the Baglioni Hotels Group.

Analytics cookies gather anonymous information regarding the manner in which users utilise the Website and its various functions. For example, they gather information regarding which of the Website screens the User visits most often, and which of our adverts appear on other websites that the User visits, as well as verifying whether or not he/she opens and reads the messages sent and whether or not he/she receives any error messages. The information gathered in this manner can be used to customise the user’s online experience by displaying specific content. Analytics cookies also help to limit the number of times that any given advert is displayed. The analytics cookies utilised by Casaleggio Associati s.r.l. do not however gather any information of a personal nature whatsoever.

By continuing to utilise this Website and its functions, you authorise us (and the Website’s outside advertisers) to upload performance enhancing cookies onto your web browser. To delete or manage performance cookies, the User can go and view the last section of the document.

Google Analytics

The site includes components transmitted by Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). They are third-party cookies collected and managed anonymously to monitor and improve the performance of the host site (performance cookies).

Google Analytics uses “cookies” to collect and analyze anonymous information on the behavior of use, including user’s (partial) IP address. This information is collected by Google Analytics, which processes it in order to prepare reports for the website operator about the activities on the website themselves. This site does not use (and do not allow third parties to use) the Google analysis tool to track or collect personally identifiable information. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google or seek to link an IP address with the identity of a user. Google can also communicate this information to third parties if required by law or where such third parties process the information on Google’s behalf.

For more information, please refer to the link below:

You can selectively disable the action of Google Analytics by installing on your browser the opt-out component provided by Google. To disable the action of Google Analytics, please refer to the link below:

Function cookies (profiling cookies)

It may happen that we, or service providers operating on our behalf, upload certain function cookies.

These cookies are used to memorise the User’s selections (language preferences, country or other online settings) and to provide customised or optimised functions selected by the User. Function cookies can be used to offer online services or to prevent previously rejected services being offered again.

Moreover, we advise that it is technically possible to allow advertisers or third parties to provide online content or other experiences via this Website. In that case, the third party in question could upload his own function cookies to your system and then use them to provide customised functions and to enhance your user experience. By continuing to browse, you are essentially authorising us to upload any function cookies required in order to offer you the aforesaid experiences.


It is possible to set your browser to disable cookies and the procedure is very simple indeed. Warning: if you disable the cookies neither your username nor your password will be saved in the Website login window.



Open Firefox

Press the “Alt” key on the keyboard

From the toolbar at the top of your screen, select “Tools” and then “Options”

Then click on “Privacy”

Go to “History Settings” and then to “Utilise custom settings”. De-select “Accept website cookies” and save these preferences.

Internet Explorer:


Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer

Click on “Tools” and then on “Internet Options”

Select “Privacy” and move the cursor to your desired level of privacy (upwards to block all cookies or down to allow all cookies)

Then click on OK


Google Chrome:

Open Google Chrome

Click on the “Tools” icon

Select “Settings” and then “Advanced Settings”

Select “Content Settings” under “Privacy”

On the “Cookies” screen the user can deselect cookies and save his/her preferences



Open Safari

Select “Preferences” on the toolbar, then select “Security” option on the resulting dialogue window

In the “Accept Cookies” section, the user can specify if and when Safari should save website cookies. For additional information, click on Help (icon bearing a question mark)

For more information on the cookies that are stored on your computer, click on “Show cookies”



The data will in any case be processed with the aid of appropriate instruments and procedures aimed at ensuring its security and confidentiality in accordance with legal requirements and the processing may be done on paper or with the aid of computers.

Specific security measures are adhered to in order to prevent any potential loss and improper or unauthorised utilisation of the aforesaid data, or any unauthorised access thereto.


The user has right, at any time, to receive confirmation as to whether or not his/her details are in fact being held, as well as the nature and origins of any such personal details, to be informed with regard to the purposes for which it is being used and the manner in which the details are processed, to be informed – in the case of computerised processing – about the reasoning behind said processing, to verify the accuracy of the data or to request that the data be supplemented or updated, or to request that it be rectified (in terms of art. 7 of Leg. Dec. No. 196/2003). In terms of the aforesaid article, the user also has the right to request that any illegally processed personal information be cancelled, converted into an anonymous form or banned, as well as the right to oppose the processing of said personal information in any event and for legitimate reasons.

The processing of users’ personal information shall be done in accordance with and be governed by Italian Law (Leg. Dec. No. 196/2003).

You may exercise your rights by sending a simple written letter, to be addressed to Casaleggio Associati s.r.l., No.6, Via Morone, 20121, Milan (Italy), or sent to the following e-mail address:


The User can completely cancel his own user profile, on condition that he/she has accessed the Website using his/her own username and password. To this end, it is sufficient to send an e-mail, with “Delete profile” in the subject field, to the following e-mail address In such case all the User’s personal details will be deleted, with the exception of those details that we are obliged by law to keep on record for a set period for the information gathering purposes.

The User may also revoke the previously given permission to gather, store, utilise and disclose his/her personal details at any time, with future effect. To this end, he/she must send an e-mail to the e-mail address The revocation of permission shall not have any effect as regards the legally mandated processing of information or the processing of information required in order to finalise any outstanding transactions.


Updated on 15 July, 2015